Power Up Your Skin Care With Vitamin C

That's right, Vitamin C isn't just great as a supplement or a positive benefit from eating the right fruits and vegetables.  It is a powerful addition to your skincare routine.  How would you like to brighten up your complexion or reduce fine lines and wrinkles? Yea, we thought you'd be interested.  Read on to learn more on how to power up your skincare with vitamin c!

Why is Vitamin C so powerful?

Beyond the information we've been told about it's collaboration with our immune system and being an all around excellent resource as an antioxidant.  Vitamin C can help reduce pigmentation, inflammation, boost collagen and prevent UV damage.

popular sources of vitamin c

How Can Vitamin C Help Skin?

First and foremost using vitamin c in your skincare routine can help elevate problems and skin issues before they even start.  By prepping the skin for sun exposure, and providing protection.  Our skin is constantly exposed to Free Radicals  which are “anti-oxygen bombs that trigger inflammation and cascades of damage”. Vitamin C can neutralize and remove free radicals, thereby minimizing the visible impact of exposure to pollution, particulate matter and other types of environmental stress.

Vitamin C benefits for the skin

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